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My Beloved Ones

...Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain....Welcome to my Nightmare, Bitch.

12 September
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Italian. 22 years old.
I'm a tv-whore, totally addicted to most of the shows, and i love speaking about them,
so please feel free to do anything you want about it :P
I also love reading books (♥ Baricco, Manfredi, Yoshimoto) and mangas..
I love going to the cinema, it's so funny, and watching a movie on television *can't* be the same experience
I just can't focus on one thing alone so i'm always up for new things and new passions
I'm a slasher, and i slash also birds in the blue sky...
But above all i support the Bad Taste Duo aka Viggo&Orli:
i think Orlando is the gayest gayish gay guy on earth so i slash him
even with the stones...don't take offence on that, Lol ;D
I study languages, english russian and spanish, and i love speaking them,
even if i'm not that good..
I adore music, but particularly Muse, Subsonica ♥, Liga, Robbie,
Linkin Park, Tiziano Ferro, Green Day...
Love my friends, RL and VL, i don't mind where i've known 'em and often
i don't get the difference.
I'm sure i'm forgetting something......Oh yes,
i'm boring and a babbler :P ..but you already got it :PP

Thanks to the wonderful lennongirl for my EwanHayden moodthem ♥

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No money was wasted in the making of these awesomenesses!
Colin i Luv Ya!!! ;)

I *heart* Lex
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I made this lj with my beloved twin Raffie♥... We are like Nana&Nana, especially me:
i'm very similar to my Nana, in good and in bad :P

hot actors are love ♥

I miss Viggo and Orli in New Zealand

But most of all, it's ABSOLUTELY CANON!!